Slide Unlocking the potential of marketed and pipeline drugs Pharma Solutions

Slide Achieve better
patient experience
on therapies
with a comprehensive
digital care platform
Medocity Platform helps pharma companies achieve better patient care and experience on therapies across the entire lifecycle from phase I – IV Achieve better patient experience on therapies with a comprehensive digital care platform

Detail Next Generation patient-centered care and engagement for any drug or indication Adherence and compliance
Beyond the Pill solutions
Modular and fully customizable
Patient Support Programs (PSPs)
Main Highly flexible configurations offer unlimited potential Any chronic or complex condition
Any related co-morbidities
Any custom protocol or content
Any language or country
Any device or OS
Third Engage patients, call center nurses and HCPs
Rich source of patient reported RWD/RWE
Symptom management and monitoring
Beyond the Pill Medication management tools
Dosing and treatment reminders
Insights into non-compliance behaviors
Adherence and Compliance Contact us to learn more »

main Digital Trials and HEOR Studies Generate RWE and conduct highly efficient digital trials for faster speed to market Learn more  › visual An integrated platform for real-time data capture and interventions Remote Data Capture Trial Conduct Patient Experience Shared Access New source of real-time
data (ePRO, eCOA,
patient diaries)
Proactive management
and remote patient
Enhanced resources and
support increases engagement and reduces attrition
Coordinate across sites
with shared access, televisits
and secure communications
phases Digital capabilities for the entire lifecycle Patient followup
Long-term monitoring
Satisfaction surveys
Contact us to learn more Pre-trial screening
Patient qualification
Televisit interviews
Patient Recruitment Conduct & Monitoring Post-Study Decentralized/virtual trials
Rich PRO data collection
Phase IV / RWE / HEOR
Symptom monitoring
Medication tracking
Secure communications
Multi-site collaboration

Main Rare Disease Ecosystems Comprehensive digital care in pursuit of faster diagnosis, improved support and global information exchange Learn more › Detail 1 A virtuous ecosystem to support patients worldwide Global connectivity and information exchange deliver unique insights into patient treatment progress, experience and quality of life Specialists & Hospitalists Alliances & Foundations Advocacy Groups & Peer Communities Pharma & Biotech Payers & Employers Detail 2 Identify, engage and support rare disease patients and undiagnosed populations Contact us to learn more

1 Execute robust prospective real-world evidence strategies to support clinical submissions and value package for payers Safety Monitoring and REMS Solutions to consistently track safety profiles and monitor efficacy Contact us to learn more
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