Slide ■ Trial Feasibility & Optimization

■ Recruitment & Screening

■ eConsent

■ ePRO / eCOA

■ Remote Monitoring

■ Patient Engagement & Feedback
Digital Clinical Trials Solutions

Slide A comprehensive platform for virtual, decentralized and hybrid trials A comprehensive platform for virtual, decentralized and hybrid trials

Visual Unlocking the potential of marketed and pipeline drugs through valuable patient data and behavioral insights A single platform connecting all stakeholders and sites in real time Remote Data Capture Recruitment & Resources Study Conduct Shared Access Engage patients and collect real time data (ePRO, eCOA, patient diaries) eConsent, screening, qualification, and resources for patients and sites Remote patient/SAE monitoring enables proactive interventions and adaptive trials Coordinate across sites
with shared access, televisits
and secure communications
compare_arrows ■ Ph I-III
■ Virtual and Hybrid
■ Decentralized Trials
■ Ph 0-IV
■ Observational, HEOR, QoL
■ PASS and LTFU Registries
Bridging the clinical development, real world and commercial continuum
compare_arrows CLINICAL TRIALS
phases Placing patients at the center by design Contact us to learn more Purpose built to optimize the patient experience, accelerate enrollment timelines, increase retention, and generate enhanced data insights

Main Recruitment
Virtual capabilities for the entire lifecycle
Recruitment and Screening
and Monitoring
Post-Study Follow Up Conduct
Follow Up
Recruitment Recruitment and Screening ■ Protocol design insights
■ Pre-trial screening
■ Recruitment websites
■ Remote interviews
■ Patients and caregivers
■ eConsent (patient and HCP)
■ Protocol education
■ Patient qualification
■ Interactive guided sessions
■ Patient and study community
Conduct ■ ePRO / eCOA
■ Remote patient/Sx monitoring
■ Real time SAE reporting
■ Visit and Medication reminders
■ Televisits & secure messaging
Study Conduct and Monitoring ■ Intra-site collaboration
■ EDC/EMR/IP Integrations
■ 400+ wearables/sensors
■ Proactive interventions
■ Adaptive trials enablement
Post ■ Patient follow up
■ Satisfaction surveys
■ Consolidated datasets
■ Analysis and reporting
■ Patient roll over & community
Post-Study Contact us to learn more

Main Generating New Insights with Digital Health Platforms The single thread that connects pharmaceutical development and health care is the patient. Designing trials with a patient-focused blend of digital and real-world interactions is key to increasing enrollment and retention, improve engagement and impact outcomes. Amy Apostoleris
Global Head, Digital Clinical Trials

Medocity by the Numbers 92% Adherence Rate 10,000+ Cancer Patients 86% Patient Engagement 1,000+ HCPs 90+% Patient Satisfaction

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